International Guest Scholarships 2012 at the American College of Surgeons

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International Guest Scholarships 2012 at the American College of Surgeons

The American College of Surgeons offers International Guest Scholarships to competent young surgeons from countries other than the United States or Canada who have demonstrated strong interests in teaching and research. The scholarships, in the amount of $8,000 each, provide the Scholars with an opportunity to visit clinical, teaching, and research activities in North America and to attend and participate fully in the educational opportunities and activities of the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress.

This scholarship endowment was originally provided through the legacy left to the College by Dr. Paul R. Hawley (FACS Hon), former College Director. More recently, gifts from the families of Dr. Abdol Islami (FACS) and Baxiram S. and Kankuben B. Gelot, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, and others to the International Guest Scholarship endowment have enabled the College to expand the number of scholarship awards.

The scholarship requirements are:

* Applicants must be graduates of schools of medicine.

* Applicants must be at least 35 years old, but under 45, on the date that the completed application is filed.

* Applicants must submit their applications from their intended permanent location. Applications will be accepted for processing only when the applicants have been in surgical practice, teaching, or research for a minimum of one year at their intended permanent location, following completion of all formal training (including fellowships and scholarships).

* Applicants must have demonstrated a commitment to teaching and/or research in accordance with the standards of the applicant’s country.

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* Applicants whose careers are in the developing stage are deemed more suitable than those who are serving in senior academic appointments.

* Applicants must submit a fully completed application form provided by the College on its website. The application and accompanying materials must be typewritten and in English. Submission of a curriculum vitae only is not acceptable.

* Applicants must provide a list of all of their publications and must submit, in addition, three complete publications (reprints or manuscripts) of their choice from that list.

* Applicants must submit letters of recommendation from three of their colleagues. One letter must be from the chair of the department in which they hold academic appointment, or a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons residing in their country. The chair’s or the Fellow’s letter is to include a specific statement detailing the nature and extent of the teaching and other academic involvement of the applicant. Letters of recommendation should be submitted in envelopes sealed by the recommenders.

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* Applicants are required to submit a curriculum vitae of no more than 10 pages.

* Applicants may submit a photograph. (Passport size is preferable.)

* The International Guest Scholarships must be used in the year for which they are designated. They cannot be postponed.

* Applicants who are awarded scholarships are expected to provide a full written report of the experiences provided through the scholarships upon completion of their tours.

* An unsuccessful applicant may reapply only twice and only by completing and submitting a current application form provided by the College, together with new supporting documentation.

The scholarships provide successful applicants with the privilege of participating in the College’s annual Clinical Congress in October, with public recognition of their presence. They will receive gratis admission to selected postgraduate courses plus admission to all lectures, demonstrations, and exhibits, which are an integral part of the Clinical Congress. Assistance will be provided in arranging visits, following the Clinical Congress, to various clinics and universities of their choice.

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In order to qualify for consideration by the selection committee, all of the requirements must be fulfilled. Formal American College of Surgeons International Guest Scholar applications appear online on the College’s website ( Supporting materials and questions should be directed to:


International Liaison Section

American College of Surgeons

633 N. Saint Clair St.

Chicago, IL 60611-3211


Fax: 312-202-5021

Completed applications for the International Guest Scholarships for the year 2012 and all of the supporting documentation must be received at the office of the International Liaison Section prior to July 1, 2011, in order for an applicant to receive consideration by the selection committee. All applicants will be notified of the selection committee’s decision in November 2011. Applicants are urged to submit their completed applications and supporting documents as early as possible in order to provide sufficient time for processing.

For further details and application, go to:

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